Try This With Your Kids

OK so you know that annoying, frustrating feeling you get when you have already asked your kids to pick up all their toys several times from the living room floor and it’s as if you are talking to the wind? You find yourself clapping your hands and swinging your arms in the air to get their attention. Sooner enough you have deepened your voice and your 1st request has turned into a shouting match. It’s no wonder my family thinks I’m a nutcase! Well I came up with an idea that actually worked with these children of mine! So much that I knew I had to 1) write it down and 2)tell others about it! I don’t know maybe you’ve already implemented this within your own family, but I sure do celebrate the little things, like when the laundry baskets are empty or when my kids eat all their veggies. I sure was going to pat myself on the back for this one as well! So this past weekend as I was tiding up the front room, I noticed shoes, socks and toys were scattered on the floor as they usually are. Instead of hollering like a maniac I got my phone out, called the kids over and said, “Ok heres the plan, we are going to do a flash challenge. You will have exactly one minute (pointed to the timer on my phone), to pick up all of the shoes. The goal is to complete the task before the timer goes off, if not you will lose the game.” I didn’t complicate it, didn’t promise any rewards just the word lose, well kids want to avoid that at all costs! The game was on, the alarm was going and I prompted every few seconds to let them know what time remained. It was as if I had promised them ice cream or a new video game. I had never seen them move so fast. They finished picking up all of their shoes with 15 seconds remaining and lots of giggles. I did two more challenges with socks and toys. The entire living room was clean in less than 8 minutes! Kids were happy and momma was happy! Why hadn’t I thought of that before! Go figure. Mom-life is always an adventure and at the end of the day you realize you must chose your battles….wisely! I call today a success! I know its the little things 🙂