Teaching them Young

Every January my husband and I set some time aside to set new goals for our finances, our home, personal, health, business, hobbies, etc. This year we decided to elaborate on those numbered goals. You see, anyone can jot down lists, but its the action required that will see that each goal is accomplished. In order to hold each other accountable, we added actions that must be taken throughout the year for those goals to be met. I absolutely love this new format! For example:

Goal #1 – lose 15 lbs (how?)

*eliminating or minimizing sweets

*portion control

*up water intake

*all natural supplements from my health and wellness product line

*weigh in every Sunday

So previously, we use to just write the goal down and that was it, however this new system allows the both of us to really dig deeper and actually do something about it. Small changes plus smart choices and being consistent will prove to yield results. We enjoyed this so much, we called the kids on over and had them do the exact same thing. We have four children, 13, 11, 6 and an 18 month old. The older three quickly understood the exercise and got to work while the baby was entertained with a snack and toys in his high chair. We really wanted to make this a family affair and stress the importance of soul searching/goal writing. Within 25 minutes, everyone was eager to share. The cutest was my 6 year old daughter, she is learning to write, so she took the initiative to draw out her goals (thats my determined girl)! One being, “I want to climb to the top of the rock-wall at my school”. Her drawing was adorable! Then she began to tell the family how she was going to accomplish just that, “I am going to practice everyday even if I can’t do it now, I am not going to give up!” Wow I was blown away! Now if a 6 year old gets it, then surely we as adults can learn from that! Out of the mouths of babes! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and reading my children’s ambitions. ┬áThis is surely going to become a tradition in this house.

Signing out, one proud momma!