So what is Spirulina?

For those of you who know me, know that I am truly passionate about my health and wellness business and that I’m always carrying around a water bottle with an “icky green” looking fluid. I have many selfies with this bottle and I tend to flood all my social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Some people will look at my bottle and act as if they just spit out a lemon and others will ask “what the heck are you drinking?” I smile and pull out a sample and say try it, you’ll be surprised that that it has a tasty flavor, a little grainy but oh so good for you! I call it my life-changing juice, or HULK-juice! Actually they are called GREENS, simple enough. Two flavors; orange and berry, I am team berry. So now that you have envisioned the taste, lets reflect on the amazing health benefits and why I am so in love with this product. Greens are loaded with 52 herbs and nutrient rich superfoods, 34 fruits and veggies, and matcha green tea. They are allergen-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, and non-GMO. They alkalize, balance and detox! My gosh the benefits of all natural goodness is out of this world! My goal is to explain why each ingredient is so vital to your health and the reasons they were carefully selected to be a part of what makes up an incredible product. Today I want to hone in on one specific ingredient that has caught my attention. That ingredient being SPIRULINA. A word that makes me want to naturally add an exotic accent to it. In my research I discovered that Spirulina is absurdly healthy in what it can deliver to the human body! I’d be here all day recounting the benefits I read up on. I came across a beautiful outlined list of the top 10 Spirulina benefits…drumroll please!!!

  1. Detoxes heavy metals
  2. Eliminates Candida
  3. Improves HIV/AIDS
  4. Helps prevent cancer
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Reduces cholesterol
  7. Lowers chances of stroke
  8. Boosts energy
  9. Speeds up weight loss
  10. Alleviates sinus issues

Below you may find the link in which I acquired the list from. Each number provides more info on tests in which researchers obtained those results.

Spirulina acquired its name from the Hawaiian strain of edible blue-green microalgae. This algae grows in shallow ponds located near the Pacific Ocean in which both fresh water and deep ocean water enrich the Spirulina with minerals. According to , “Spirulina contains a highly absorbable form of vegetable protein with a high amino acid content. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and an especially good source of Vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, vitamin B-12 and iron.”

The benefit that blows my mind are the anti-cancer properties. Let me explain. Spirulina contains a fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). This fatty acid is recognized as an anti-inflammatory and having anti-cancer properties. Inflammation that is chronic plays a role in the progression of arthritis, heart disease and tissue damage throughout the body. Understanding the ingredients you put into your body is so utterly important. I can attest to number 10 listed above; Alleviates sinus issues. So I live in an area where Cedar season rolls around and all hell “use to break lose”, that is before I introduced these fabulous Greens into my diet. Once a year, I dreaded this time, because without a shadow of a doubt, I knew I was going to suffer from a sinus infection or two. I knew that I would be unable to breathe and I knew I had to be prepared with oils, hot teas, plenty of coffee, allergy medications from nose sprays to oral meds to eye drops. It was as if I was preparing to go into the battle field with nature and there was no winning just somber temporary relief. I dreaded it so much. I started taking the Greens about 1 1/2 years ago and since then I can honestly say I am able to breathe so much better and thank God I have not had a sinus infection during Cedar season. Now I will say I still have to carry my eye drops and take a Claritin every now and then  but not like I use to, not even close. And of course reading up on each ingredient explains the very reason I now have relief amongst so many other life-changing benefits. It just makes sense and makes me that more passionate about this amazing health and wellness business I run. If I can make a difference for another person who is sick of taking medications daily, having so many icky side-effects like I was, then it was all worth-it. Don’t get me wrong, I know medication plays its role and I am certainly not ruling it all out together, but I must say I prefer a natural remedy first and fore-most. So there you have it, we now have an idea of the importance the ingredient Spirulina delivers to the body.

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