No Joke!

What’s it like having four children? Well let me tell you. I usually have my hair pulled back in a ponytail, no makeup, workout pants and a cup of some kind of drink (relax, I’m on the road most of the time! It’s usually water, my fabulous greens or a sweet coffee). You would think I was busier when I worked full time for a company, goodness this mom thing is no joke and let’s add a side hustle (my health and wellness business) in the mix! Something about adding more to my plate, making me feel like superwoman! Hey, I’m not complaining, I love this sweet life of mine! Two years ago I prayed for this, there’s no way I’m turning Israelite wilderness mentality now, not after the good Lord has answered a long awaited prayer. So here I find myself running in two different directions to get my daughter who is 6 to her gymnastics class and then head the other direction to get my son ( he’s 11) to his football practice. When I stop all the craziness, put my phone down and actually watch them practice, I breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because I see them putting in the hard work, which is evident of the sweat falling from their faces. This quickly takes me back to the goals they have each written down for the new year. So all of these car rides, the back and forth along with everything else I do daily, it’s not for me, its for them; it’s to build character, responsibility, commitment, it’s to build an amazing legacy. And that my friends is rewarding and oh so fulfilling! Now excuse me while I kick these tired heels up and grab a different type of drink😉.  Peace!