Is It Just Me?

As a mom, I often find myself wishing I could duplicate myself just to be able to do everything on my daily to-do list. As I explain my thoughts to the hubby he gets a silly grin on his face and says, “ya I wish you could duplicate”! I wouldn’t expect any other kind of response, so why even try! Good lord this man! Lol! Here we are in the middle of January and I feel like I’m the only person who still has Christmas decorations both inside and outside of the house. I’ve only gotten as far as getting the decorations down and placing them on top of my dining room table. I even have our real Christmas tree thrown out in the driveway! The neighbors must think I’m a real piece of work, lol! I seriously need to pull it together! Perhaps it’s the digging in the garage to get the Christmas bins, or perhaps its the dust I must clean off before packing away each item, or perhaps it’s just complete dread! I must make it my mission to get it done by this weekend lest my 18 month old destroy another ornament or my 6 year old turn the nutcrackers into her Barbies friends! Why oh why did I have to have a tree in every room and a wreath for every freakin door?! Ok I get a tad bit crazy, but in my defense Christmas is my favorite Holiday and I can’t seem to help it! ┬áIs it pretty crazy that I’ve already started putting up Valentines decor?! My holidays have overlapped! Oh and not only that but I’ve decided to rearrange two of my boys rooms with added decor. Perhaps it’s the new year beckoning for change; a new season is on the horizon and I believe I am ready. Yup, I’m gonna go with that and in the meantime take my Confianza (all natural supplement from my health and wellness business that takes away stress, or better known as my wine tablet ) and finally say goodbye to Christmas. Root for me people, I’m gonna need it! Signing out, momma on a mission!