How Many Calories?

Kids are in bed, the house is quiet and now I anxiously place my order for the newly released product called SHAKE,  a plant-based protein powder! Its a way to energize my workouts, build lean muscle mass and support a healthy metabolism. What is so cool about this protein powder is that you don’t have to worry about added hormones, antibiotics, or lactose. It is completely plant-based, Vegan! It’s also soy-free, Non-GMO, and Dairy free! Soooo it comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavors…oh you know I sure did order me some Chocolate! It’s 100 calories per serving and contains 15 grams of protein…oh heck ya! I’ve heard it tastes like chocolate brownie batter…sign me up! It also promotes faster post-workout recovery and sustains energy levels. I seriously cannot wait to try it! I will be stalking the mailman like if it were Christmas all over again! This product could not have been released at a more perfect time. New years resolutions are in full effect in this house! If anyone is looking for an accountability partner, I’m your girl! Let’s chat! Currently I have started a tracking journal on everything I eat. It’s been an eye opener and I am definitely seeing where I can make improvements. One of those being my water intake and cutting out my chocolate eating habits, hence my order of choice. Stay tuned as I will share more on this product as soon as it arrives 😉