Goal Digger

What drives you? What motivates you to keep going? What do you want people to say after you’ve left this world? These are all questions that have flooded my mind this past year of 2016. I’ve talked to other business owners and it seems that the year 2016 was kind of a slump, slow, like a valley-low. Perhaps it had to do with it being an election year, I don’t know. What I do know is that I do not want a repeat of the past few months. What to do, well theres only one thing to do! Hustle hard! Create a spark that will turn into fire! I feel the need to push my business as if it were my first time starting. The excitement builds, the energy is natural, the passion comes to life once again!  I’m all in and I want nothing more than to help others to a healthy lifestyle and get those who are ready onto a track of a  life changing business.  I can’t imagine being in the same slump I was previously in. A slump that brought me to tears almost daily because I wasn’t able to fulfill my purpose as a mother 100%. I knew in my heart I desperately wanted to be a stay at home mom. I went to school, obtained my bachelors degree and worked my job for 9 years, a job that I loved working for 7 of those 9 years. Those last two years were definitely an eye opener for me and I knew in my heart of hearts what I needed to do. It was a chance my husband and I were willing to take. Eight months before pulling the plug I came across this business of mine that I am absolutely in love with! It fit perfectly in line with what I was already searching for. Health and wellness products that are all natural, plant based and containing 0 harmful ingredients. I said yes and the rest is history. No regrets on this journey of mine. Getting paid to get healthy and help others get healthy, perfection in my book! I am setting new goals and growing my team daily. I welcome all skeptics, after all I was one for the longest time! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Now excuse me, while I bring the BOOM in 2017!