Vida Loca!

It has been a while since I last posted. Life has had me busy for the past couple of weeks. me-and-solomon.jpgMy little Solomon started school with his cousins here in SA. They love I am so impressed with the school district, they are so up to date, technology-wise, nothing compared to CCISD. His teachers are awesome, thank God.

Little Benji is still running the house, that little one is super tough. This one is going to be my football player. Yesterday Isaac was lounging in the living room watching T.V, when little Benji comes running out of nowhere and body slams Isaac on his side all together causing back pain….yeah those were his kidneys. While Isaac was recovering from the slam, Benji then picked up a hard toy and whip-lashed Isaac on the head! Talk about a little body-builder in the making! benji-outside.jpg  My Benji-poo!

Things are going well with my job. I have become acquainted with my new co-workers and they seem to be a great bunch. We had lunch the other day at TGI Fridays…that was fun. My new supervisors are pretty cool and extremely helpful. Isaac is keeping busy with his business, as usualisaac-alone.jpg  (very handsome) isaac-and-i.jpg. We are so loving all his weekends off and being able to spend time as a family. If he’s not working in his office, he is wrestling with the boys or bar-b-qing or watching “the Office.” By the way, our favorite show is going to air this week…”Heroes”, I so can’t wait!

Today we celebrated my neice’s B-day, she (Skye)  skye-b-day.jpgis 8 now……my how the years have flown by. Denise, Isaac and I had lunch at school with her today. Solomon joined us and so did Olivia. We also celebrated later in the evening by eating at Chris Madrid’s, an incredible burger place. We then came home and ate some birthday cake.

We also came across an old friend of ours who lives here in SA. I am glad we reunited. He (Javier) has been over to our house a couple of times now. Isaac is actually doing a website for him.guys.jpg He is such an awesome person, extremely talented, bien amable. Can’t wait to see the site!


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    Great times. It has been so much fun here I love it. I’m so glad I not at some dead end job and business is booming. My staff will know the true meaning of loyalty.

  2. Posted September 22, 2007 at 3:41 pm | Permalink

    Well said baby, I believe in you and your dreams. Knock’em out, roll it in. Luv ya :)

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    Oh Javier, we love him, send him our best and tell him to call. Looks like things are going well. Love you guys too.