I declare the year 2017 will be absolutely amazing! Goals, visions, dreams will come to pass. Business is going to explode and we (my hubby and I) will begin planning for those vacations on the family bucket list! People will come into our lives to grow us, guide us and take us to a whole other level we thought impossible. Obstacles will be removed and valley-lows will be a distant memory. Hard work will take on a different meaning from the year 2016. Hope and faith will mean so much more. Humility will take precedence and keep us grounded. Respect and perseverance of a much needed traveled path will bring clarity and make room for wisdom. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle will become second nature and enjoying the outdoors will spawn incredible creativity. My stomach has butterflies as I type this. Faith and trust is all we’ve got. Theres absolutely no way we would be able to do this on our own strength, God is amazing that way. Believing, Achieving and Receiving will be the motto for 2017. Gratitude will follow soot. Dream big and rule out negativity, clutter and barriers. Heres to a year of prosperity, love and generosity.