Oh my the days are flying by….hard to believe we are nearing the end of the first month in a brand new year. The stores show evidence of this by stalking shelves with big, bright, red stuffed bears, candy hearts, eggs filled with confetti, and baskets stuffed with goodies all nicely saran-wrapped….Valentine’s Day and Easter ALREADY!!! I’m still trying to recover from Christmas….geeze! Lately all I want to do is sleep and sleep and sleep….ha I wish I could do that! Perhaps I allow that thought to entertain my brain a little too much! I guess all the rain these days doesn’t help either. Rain and cold days equals covers and coffee plus a side order of some of my night shows. Peace Out!

You Spin Me Right Round!

Lots to do in 2010, my world will continue to spin, hopefully in a better direction this time around. Not that it wasn’t great, but when there’s spinning there’s bumps in the road almost always! But I will stand firm and remain positive. I have a lot to be thankful for.  Solomon, my 6 yr old is in Kung Fu and loves it, its as if his body was created for marital arts. I’ve never seen another kid so focused, regardless of what is going on around the mat. He wants to grow up to be like Bruce Lee with “great power” he says! I can’t wait to see him shine. He went up one belt before the Christmas break, talk about a boost of confidence! OK so I am a little biased, but I’m allowed! I’ll be that mom on the front row with a huge sign saying “that’s my boy!”…and he’ll be like 20 yrs old…lol!

OK so who’s up next on my soap box…yes that would be my lil Benji! Talk about revengeful…since he is the baby he is always up for a fight, this little guy I’m afraid carries more of the Galvan gene in the attitude department! Won’t shut-up, give-up or take NO for an answer without having the last word! He has more of an athlete body frame with the stamina to go along. He tells me, “mama I want to be a baseball player when I grow up”…..although I fear that will slowly progress to a football player. I know that once he gives that sport a try and it’s suddenly OK to yell and ram someone with all his might he’ll say, ” this sport was made for me!” I fear because there’s always gonna be someone bigger and better, & God knows I don’t want my baby placed in harms way! OK so I’m being a helicopter mom (over-protective), but any mama can relate!

And how can I not write about the man in my life, Isaac. He is one hard-working man, who always makes sure the boys and I are comfortable. He makes us laugh all the time, in fact Solomon carries his sense of humor to the T! We are so blessed to have him, he always makes life interesting. God has given him so many skills, I guess he’s a jack of all trades when he puts his mind to it. Well I guess that’s all for now, just had to brag on my awesome family.  May you have a blessed day full of laughter :)



We have reached a new year and I know that there is more good to come! As I reflect on the previous year, I have to say, “what a blessing it is to have family and friends to share life with, it is amazing!” Life is such a beautiful thing! Sometimes I wish I could shake a person who says that life sux! It is what you make of it, you teach people how to treat you. Get in the race and be the one who stands out amongst the rest! Have you ever seen a race with a person wearing neon green knee-high socks or how about a person wearing a clown wig? They stand out, right? I can’t help but to chuckle when they pass me…well that’s how life should be. Where would I be without laughter in my life…through the good and the bad. Hey if you’re having a “crappy” day, for lack of a better word or more awful word (hehe) shake it off man! We all have bad days that put us in a bad mood, hey I’m guilty of it, but don’t let your husband or children or pets get the repercussion, that’s so not fair! I know the saying all too well, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy!” So darn true! And if you’re one of those that can’t seem to shake it off, then word of advise, pray to the Father who will lighten your load, it’s so much more peaceful to not have to carry that load on yourself. And stop with the excuses because they’re irritating! “I can’t, It’s not a good time, that will never happen, when I have more money, when I have more time”….UGH! Let me clue you in on something in case you haven’t figured it out….there will never be a perfect time, because we’ve already established you’ll just come up with another excuse and another and another! If you’re not where you thought you would be today, then you better start working on changing some things today or chances are another day, another month, another year is gonna pass you by. Life doesn’t wait for you to make a decision, it goes on. If you’ve already made your New Year’s Resolutions, then I encourage you to write them down several times and post stickies all over your home, the places you pass the most to serve as a reminder everyday of 2010. If you haven’t done your resolutions then you’re already behind, step on it people…make it your year….make it an awesome year :0



Is it that time of Year Again!?

It makes me sad that I haven’t written in my blog for several months. It just seems that the older my boys get the less time I have to do anything…lol…not complaining of course….just wish there was that magic button I could press to have another blog automatically post! Talk about the Holidays…wow! Well we had the privilege of spending time with family in Colorado for Thanksgiving. It was so much fun, we all had a blast. We took a road trip up there, took my parents and the kiddos, including my little niece. The scenery was amazing once we got out of the country of! The snow was beautiful especially those breathtaking mountains. We got to see Buffalo and play with more snow up in the mountains. I am just blessed that I was able to share those special  moments with my boys and my husband. Well I finally met my niece who just turned 1, what a beauty! Isaac learned how to make homemade tortillas from my great-aunt, that totally made his trip so worth-it, not that everything else wasn’t, but I think that put the icing on the cake! Now if he can just stop making those things, my waist line would be ever so! We got back to Texas and reality hit….ahhhh Christmas is right around the corner!!!

I have been extremely busy with all the hustle and bustle of the Holiday…what did I get myself into? I was slammed with three events being hosted at my house, 30 small gifts that are needed for Solomon and Benjamin’s classmates, 3 different ornament exchange gifts, not to mention both mine and Isaac’s gifts for co-workers, and then there are those lovely teachers and bosses that “need” gifts! Oh almost forgot, Benjamin’s party that is taking place today, his bday was actually on the 7th but thought we would celebrate it on the weekend…my goodness! I’m sure I forgot to mention several other things but you get my point! We can all get so wound up with the Holidays and all the to-do lists, but it is so important to take the time to breathe and do something for yourself during those busy days leading up until Christmas. Here are my stress-reducers, (FYI not always healthy) but it gets me going, ok here it is, have a chocolate bar, those silky, milky divine ones..awww yes those are the ones…lol ok, next stress-reducer, take a hot shower, a steamy one that will get those muscles relaxed & another idea, perhaps take a moment with those loved ones and watch a Christmas movie over hot chocolate or egg nog and cookies (heck its the Holidays, indulge in them just a little :) That is exactly what we did last night & the time relaxing on the sofa with my boys (all three of them lol) was so nice. My energy was reignited instantly. We only have one life, make it about the ones we love, despite all the chaos. It is a shame that the statistics show that the domestic and child abuse numbers go up around this time of year. People get so stressed about money especially in this time of day and age. Word of advise, when you see a mother or father struggling with their child in a store don’t give them that annoying stare, help them! Help unload their basket (ask first, but ask in a way that will give them a smile, like this, “ma’am (or sir) let me help you with that, I see you have your hands full, by the way you’re doing a great job”. I’m sure you will see a smile or an appreciation. Let the love and kindness of the season evolve you, or better yet the love of Jesus. Life will be a lot better  if you take the time to help someone. Now I didn’t say be a doormat, use those God-given brain cells and and walk through life with integrity, neither run through it nor drag through it because in both instances you may miss something. Pace yourself because in this life there is a lot to be learned and cherished. Embrace it with hope, regardless if it is positive or negative and it will be rewarding.

May the love of Jesus enlighten each and every one of your souls, after all, this season is about Him.

God Bless you all,

elaiNe :)


Once again I am left standing in awe of what God does in my life and in the lives of my family. I don’t ever want to lose that drive, that wisdom that knocks. May I always be perceptive to that very knock. Those thoughts that are never voiced as prayers are answered as well. Truly goes parallel to God knowing the very desires of the heart. It’s the little things that count. Believe it or not, but those little things are what ideally make me a happy woman :) Finding that 50% off shirt I wanted to buy the previous month at full retail price make me feel like a winner! Finding a yard sale with big tonka toys still boxed being sold for pennies for the dollar & seeing my boys faces light up warms my heart. Seeing Isaac happy because he is doing what he was called to do, that purpose, those gifts, that wonderful beautiful drive I always talk about have all been enlightened once again. It’s that God-fearing attitude that will take you places you never thought were possible. I love life and I want to live it to the fullest, but pace-myself because right now my stage is to be a mommy to young ones. I love this moment, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Yes, being a mommy can be tough at times….oh can it be tough some times, but I know where I stand and I love the fact that Isaac is so hands-on with our boys. Life is sure interesting, never a dull moment that’s for sure.

On another note, this past month was a difficult one for me. My dad had stomach surgery and for a moment there it seemed like things were going to take a turn for the worse. But through many many prayers and God’s grace my dad is healing just fine. Both my mom and dad mean so much to me, I guess as an adult I am more appreciative. They raised me since I was two years of age and for that I am ever so grateful.

Well it is officially the Fall season, my favorite time of year. Weather is perfect, leaves are falling, and my favorite style of clothes are in :) , chunky belts, boots and sweaters. Today seems like a great day to take those yearly pumpkin patch pics of the boys. They love it, we have been taking them since they were born. It’s so neat to see how much they have grown from one year to another. Oh yes and can’t forget the pumpkin carving…will have to do that today too.  Alrighty everyone, may you have a blessed weekend. If you have kids, do something fun today with them, if you don’t have kids, go visit a relative over coffee, its very rewarding. If you are a Starbucks drinker, I recommend the Pumpkin Spice Latte, sweet but oh so yummy!

The Lesson that keeps Teaching

These past two months have really had some refining moments in both the lives of my husband and I.  Back when I had posted my New Years Resolutions, little did I know that so much would be occurring this year, not to mention we are only half way through 2009. Although times can be tough, I believe God is teaching me the same lesson that he always does, yet every time there seems to be a twist that opens my eyes just a little bit wider. Even though I know that God is in control & that I must continue to have faith, its that patience that is tried just a little bit more and more each time. I know that God is making me stronger & putting me through the fire for a reason to ultimately rely totally on Him and give Him the glory in the end. I’ll admit, my character has been questionable at times. I know whole-heartily that God’s got this, but I have struggled with asking that pain-staking question of “WHY?” That’s taboo right? Sometimes I’m brought to my wits end and just want to throw in the towel & be miserable with my selfish feelings! I’ve been through so much that I think I would have a right to sometimes. Would it be easier? I think not! God’s timing is always perfect. As this draws out & my patience continues to grow smaller, God puts that very song, that soul-seeking song, that song that brings me to tears, that song that creates a lump  in my throat, that song that brings back those reminiscent youthful, fervent years when I first met the Lord. At this moment I cannot help but to lift my hands while I am driving. That my friends is called hope, that is what it is to be in the Lord. Now I am no one to have it all together, can’t you just tell, but one thing I do know is that God has something planned and He’s working on something that is way out of my control. Something that I would not be able to achieve on my own strength. I am waiting, but I will keep busy to prevent little me from going hay-wire with all the hustle and stress of an average day in the life of me.

Signing out,

EC :)


So I got my wisdom teeth removed on Tuesday, July 28th….& it really really hurt. It still hurts two days later. I feel like my jaw has been clamped down & now I am having a hard time opening it to a normal size.  I cannot stand my pain meds, they really make me feel nauseated and dizzy and all I want to do is lay in bed. So today Isaac went and bought me some good’ole Ibuprofin. Much better…so good that I was able to make breakfast & eat too. I took my time of course. I made banana pancakes, bacon & eggs.

On another note, school is right around the corner for my little Solomon. He will be in the 1st grade at a new school, closer to our new home. I am praying for an excellent teacher this year and to be involved with my little guy. I pray all is well.  I need to get some last shopping in before school starts, wish me luck! Time to get to my next item on the list completed, just didn’t want to forget about my blog. May everyone have a good day, God Bless :)

Summer Hot Spot

It’s been one crazy summer, all in good fun of course! I don’t think we have had one weekend alone since the heat started. We love our family’s company. We have had bar-b-q’s, pool gatherings, and lots of wonderful conversations. I really thought I was going to have to find activities for the boys to stay occuppied, but I don’t think they have been bored at all. They love seeing all their cousins & splashing in the pool. Isaac has been super-busy these past couple of days…meetings almost everyday for new work. He looked so nice walking out of the house today. I am so proud of him. There are more plans in the works that will be taking place very soon, I can’t wait.

Well 4th of July is three days away…hmmm…b-b-q? LOL! Our neighborhood is going to have a block party/parade with lots of food, so thats what we will be doing. And yes you guessed it, more family will be in town.

To change the subject, I am going to get ahead of the game &  start buying Solomon all his school clothes. You know how those crazy shoppers can get as the time gets closer! I do not want to see empty racks or no! I know the sales are going to start appearing real soon so I better take advantage.

I am going to have to sign out now, its close to lunch and I have to get to the laundry…ugh! It’s just sitting there staring at me..great! Alrighty then may everyone have a great day & Happy 4th of July :)

The move & Solomon’s 6th Birthday party

We finally moved to a home again & I am loving it. Space space & more space…yeah!!! I am one happy mama! Packing & unpacking is such a pain, but I am glad the hard part is over with. We had a lot of help thanks to family & friends. My aunt from California was visiting because her youngest son graduated from the Air Force boot camp…yeah Ulysses! Then my other aunt from Corpus was here…I sure did have some fun. My mother-in-law was also here to help, thank you soooo much! A couple of days moving into our home, I hosted Solomon’s birthday party. It was sort of last minute, but he & Benji had such a blast with their friends. I still can’t believe that he is 6 years old how time flies! I sometimes wish time would stand still long enough to where there were no distractions & I could just hold him…oh yes & even if he dare let me hold him for longer than 5 seconds! Crazy boy! Oh before I forget my father-in-law is here, he & Solomon share a birthday so double the fun. He & Isaac have been painting the town…LOL! They just back from a fair! JK, the other night we all went to the movies to see Wolverine…woo-hoo…loved it!!! Can’t wait to buy the DVD.

Life is sure good. I love my husband so much, we just celebrated our 8th anniversary on May 26th. Well we were moving that day..LOL. I believe we will do some celebrating this weekend, can’t wait. I love my boys, my wittle Benji & Solomon, they bring me great joy :) I heart my dog, Foxxy. I am grateful for wonderful family, friends & co-workers. And I lovvvve our new home. Thank you God :)


For the Easter weekend we went to Corpus Christi and spent it with lots of family. It was so much fun! On Friday we had some adult fun and hung out with family & friends @ a cantina. I saw my Uncle Aaron, who I hadn’t seen in quite a few years. My cousin Rebecca, my aunt Diana, my mom, Denise (my sister-n-law) and her husband Mike, and my brother John and his wife Bijanka also joined us. There was so much laughing, we sure did have a blast. It was nice to see everyone and chill for a change.

I love him :)

I love him :)

Denise & Mike

Denise & Mike

My aunt Diana and Simon

My aunt Diana and Simon

Denise, me, and Robert

Denise, me, and Robert

Denise and I

Denise and I

Showing off the dancing skills...LOL!

Showing off the dancing skills...LOL!

Mi familia, my brother can never take a nice pic..LOL! (John, Rebecca (my cousin), Aaron, my uncle, me, & Bijanka (my sis-n-law)

Mi familia, my brother can never take a nice pic..LOL! (John, Rebecca (my cousin), Aaron, my uncle, me, & Bijanka (my sis-n-law)

On Sunday, Easter day, Isaac made the barbecue at his parents house, while Denise, Michael and I made the sides. Oh the food was so good. Michael made his famous cross cake, oh so delish. I wish I had a picture of it. We did the Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. They had so much fun. Solomon enjoyed finding the eggs with money while Benji cared for nothing else but the chocolate. They had been looking forward to Easter for 2 weeks. Now to limit their candy intake…well that was something else!  Nonetheless I’m glad they had a good time finding all those goodies. Later on that day, we headed over to my aunt Liz’s house for more family fun. The kids ran around and played with their cousins while I stuffed my face with more barbecue…ugh! It was terribly good. Why is it that I can never refuse a good plate of food when I’m already stuffed! Hello diet! Well at least that’s how I felt at the time! Well I’ve always believed what makes a good gathering is family, friends, food and fun..oh and laughs you can’t forget the laughs! Life would be so boring without laughter. Here are some pics from our fun day.

Well 2 more days until Fiesta time is here in SA…I so can’t wait!! We have it all planned out. We are going to Oyster Bake, a day that everyone brags about here. Check it for yourself. I will definitely post my reviews after wards. I hear that the chicken on a stick is the best…can’t wait to try it! Well that’s all for now.

-eLaiNe :)